ma budzić. Ma inspirować. Właściwe słowo we właściwej chwili może zmienić świat 一
umysłemrękami gotowego na te słowa człowieka.

Genius is, in its essence, nothing but the full completion of the idea of a man, and, therefore, every man ought to have some quality of it, and it should be regarded as a possible principle for every one. Genius is the highest morality, and, therefore, it is every one's duty. Genius is to be attained by a supreme act of the will, in which the whole universe is affirmed in the individual. Genius is something which 'men of genius' take upon themselves; it is the greatest exertion and the greatest pride, the greatest misery and the greatest ecstasy to a man. A man may become a genius if he wishes to. But at once it will certainly be said: "Very many men would like very much to be 'original geniuses,'" and their wish has no effect. But if these men who "would like very much" had a livelier sense of what is signified by their wish, if they were aware that genius is identical with universal responsibility - and until that is grasped it will only be a wish and not a determination - it is highly probable that a very large number of these men would cease to wish to become geniuses.

Otto Weininger
Sztuka wojny, 36 forteli, Sun Tzu, historia Chin, kultura chińska, piękne opowieści, pięken sentencje, najlepsze tłumaczenie Sztuka wojny (The Art of War)