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Orson Scott Card (ur. 24 sierpnia 1951 w Richland) – amerykański pisarz science fiction i fantasy.

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Ludzkość osiągnęła gwiazdy. Ale trauma inwazji obcych sprawia, że każda nowa rasa, nawet prymitywna i pozbawiona cywilizacji technicznej, jest postrzegana jako potworne zagrożenie.

To trzeci tom sagi Endera.

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Dziś jeden z braci zapytał mnie: Czy to straszne więzienie, kiedy nie możesz się ruszyć z miejsca, w którym stoisz? A ty odpowiedziałeś... Że jestem teraz bardziej wolny od niego. Niezdolność do ruchu uwalnia mnie od obowiązku działania.

Today one of the brothers asked me Is it a terrible prison, not to be able to move from the place where you're standing? [...] I told him that I am now more free than he is. The inability to move frees me from the obligation to act.

Wy, którzy mówicie językami, wciąż kłamiecie...

You who speak languages, you are such liars.

‒ „Cenisz tylko to, czego nie masz”. Czyje to słowa? – Twoje. Niektórzy mówią: czego mieć nie możesz, a inni: czego mieć nie powinieneś. A ja mówię: naprawdę możesz docenić tylko to, czego zawsze będziesz pragnął.

You only covet what you do not have. Some say what you cannot covet. Others say „what you should not have. I say, “You can truly covet only what you will always hunger for.”

Jeśli nie miałbym nadziei, byłbym martwy.

If I didn't have hope I'd be dead.

Opowiedziałem, ponieważ jest to możliwe. A że jest możliwe, musimy o tym myśleć, byśmy później nie byli zaskoczeni. Musimy myśleć, byśmy wiedzieli, jak żyć w tym wszechświecie, kiedy już wydarzy się najgorsze.

The things I told you just now are possible. And because they are possible we have to think of them so they don't surprise us later. We have to think of them so that if the worst does come, we'll already know how to live in that universe.

[...] Human beings do metamorphose. They change their identity constantly. However, each new identity thrives on the delusion that it was always in possession of the body it has just conquered.Such changes are superficial. The nature of the organism remains the same. Humans are very proud of their changes, but every imagined transformation turns to be a new set of excuses for behaving exactly as the individual has always behaved

‒ Zbyt się różnisz od ludzi, by ich zrozumieć. ‒ Jesteś zbyt podobny do ludzi, by zobaczyć ich wyraźnie.

“You are too different from humans ever to understand them.” “You are to similar to humans for you ever to be able to see them clearly.”

– You evolved. We were created. – By a virus – By a virus that God created in order to create us. – So you, too, are a believer. – I understand Belief. – No, You desire belief. – I desire it enough to act as if I believed. Maybe that's what faith is. – Or deliberate insanity

The only conclusion they reached was that while the future couldn't be known, it would probably be a good deal better than their worst fears and nhere near as good as their best hopes. Wasn't that how the world always worked?

Odpowiadała zawsze na to, co ludzie myśleli, nie co mówili.

She believed in answering what people meant, not what they said.

她認為應該回答他人話中欲表達的意念, 而不是他表面的話語。

A pure soul must expose himself to new things every day.

- Decency taught me this. The gods made the stars and all the planets – who is man to unmake them? – But the gods also made the laws of nature that make it possible to destroy them – who is man to refuse to receive what the gods have given?

Jeśli jednak uwierzę w ideę, staje się moją.

If I believe an idea, it becomes my own.

- Nim uwierzysz w ideę, musisz zrozumieć wszelkie jej konsekwencje. [...] – Ale dlaczego wierzysz? – Ponieważ wydawało mi się prawdziwe, gdy je czytałam. [...] – Ponieważ, gdy je czytałam, czułam, że musi być prawdziwe.

– You must be careful that you understand all the consequences of an idea before you believe it. – But why you believe it? – [...] because when I read it I felt that it must be true[...]

- Może być niezręcznie opowiedziana, ale wciąż będziesz ją kochać, jeśli kochasz prawdę.

Let it be clumsily told and you will still love the tale, if you love truth.

故事說得很遭你仍然會喜歡它, 如果你愛真理的話。

Mędrcy nie dlatego są mądrzy, że nie popełniają błędów. Są mądrzy, gdyż poprawiają swe błędy, gdy tylko je zauważą.

The wise are not wise because they not make mistakes. They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.

君子誰沒有過錯, 他們只所以是君子, 因為他們知錯能改正。

Aby powstrzymać ludzką istotę przed uczynieniem czegoś, trzeba znaleźć sposób, by przestało jej na tym zależeć.

To stop a human being from doing something, you must find a way to make the person stop wanting to do it.

Who was more cursed, the one who died unknowing until the very moment of his death, or the one who watched the dustruction as it approached, step by step, , for days and weeks and years?

Tak funkcjonuje świat. Ktoś powiedział mi kiedyś, że jedyny nauczyciel wart twojej uwagi to twój nieprzyjaciel. Someone once told me that the only teacher who's worth anything to you is your enemy.

Will God answer your prayer? Of course. God answers all prayers. I mean, will he say yes. Ah, That's the part I'm never sure about. Tell me later if he did.

Valentine tłumaczyła coś o opowieściach, które są prawdziwe i innych, które są wierne. Valentine explained something about some stories being true and others being truthful. [...]

[..] not for Congress to decide from far away where they know nothing and understand less.

– Humans insist on making strangers of us ” it's built into their genetic material. But we can be friends, – This word is too strong. Say that we are fellow„citizens. At least as long as our interests coincide. – As long as the stars shine, our interests will coincide. – Maybe not so long. Maybe as long as human beings are stronger and more numerous than we are. – That will do for now.

She wanted to believe the idea because even though it was impossible, at least it was conceivable, it could be imagined and therefore it might just be real.

[...] I do not grieve because my feet have been cut off. I grieve because a precious jewel is dubbed a mere stone, and a man of integrity is called a deceiver. This is why I weep.

Głupim jest człowiek, który sądzi, że prawdziwa opowieść ma tylko jedno znaczenie. It's a foolish man who thinks a true story can mean only one thing.

In a clear dreamof last year come from a thousand mile scloudy citywinding streamsice on the ponds for a while

I gazed on my friend This was done to you by men and women whose only desire was to enslave you; they have succeeded so well that you are proud of your slavery. [...] A slave who rejoices is a slave indeed.

We pretend to be whatever we must in order to survive. Are you alive , when you can do nothing you desire unless you have the consent of this girl?For them the terrible lie has to become the self-story, the tale that you must believe if you are to remain yourself.

Any animal is willing to kill the Other, but the higher beings include more and more living things within their self-story, until at last there is no Other. Until the needs of others are more important than any private desires. The highest beings of all are the ones who are willing pay any personal cost for the good of those who need them.

Maybe we're fools, for thinking we know things. Maybe humans are the only ones who can deal with the fact that nothing can ever be known at all. People only really believe in what they've seen before.

From all wise men, O Lord, protect us.

No doubt it was all an elaborate pretense at normality, but in Valentine's experience, normality was always a pretense, people acting out what they thought were their expected roles.

Happiness can depend as easily on useless things as on useful ones.

Isn't it possible for one person to love another without trying to own each other?

[...] Not even that. Because the priests say the God created our souls, and that just puts us under control of another puppeteer. If God created our will, then he's responsible for every choice we make. God, our genes, our environment, or some stupid programmer keying in code at an ancient terminal ” there's no way free will can ever exist if we as individuals are the result of some external cause.So ” as I recall, the official philosophical answer is that free will doesn't exist. Only the illusion of free will, because the causes of our behavior are so complex that we can't trace them back.You just don't want to admit that there's a chance that you might live, because then you'd start to fear death. But Wang„mu said nothing, because this was one of the first lessons she learned from Master Han.

When you have wisdom that another person knows that she needs, you give it freely. But when the other person doesn't yet know that he needs your wisdom, you keep it for yourself. Food only looks good to a hungry man.

No matter how smart or strong you are, there's always somebody smarter or stronger, and when you run into soebody who's stronger and smarter than anybody, you think, This is a God. Could she take credit for something she did by accident?

People should only be blamed or praised for what they meant to do.

How can I tell the good people from the bad, if the bad people all have some way of convincing themselves that they're trying to do good even though theyre doing something terrible? And the good people can believe that they're actually very bad even though they're doing something good? Maybe you can only do good if you think you're bad, and if you think you're good then you can only do bad.

Somebody who wants to teach you how to know everything that they know and everything that they do ” what he was really describing was parents, not gods. He wasn't telling her what the gods were, he was telling her what goodness was. To want other people to grow. To want other people to have all the good things that you have. And to spare them the bad things if you can. Even sometimes they were wrong, they were good. I can judge them by their purpose after all. Everybody calls their purpose good, but my parents' purposes really were good, because they meant all their acts toward me to help me grow wiser and stronger and better.

I can only judge by what I understand.

Lauro, you dont make bricks. The laborers in your factory make bricks. Brickmakers make bricks. You make brickmakers.

Let me know your thoughts, and I'll decide for myself whats useful and what isn't.

We must do all we can without destroying our ability to keep doing it.

– ” aiua ” Sanskrit for life.

When have you ever seen someone who had no doubts who was also correct about anything?

Withholding a decision is a decision.

– Will you tell him? – Not until he ask.

I doubt he can, hes not as smart as he thinks he is.Yes, he is. And if you doubt it, you are not so smart as you think you are.

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