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  • Have located the film "Einstein's Universe." It is a 2-hour film produced by the BBC in 1979 and is distributed in 16mm and NTSC VHS formats by: Corinth Films, 34 Gansevoort, New York, NY 10014, Tel. 800-221-4720
    Purchase price is a hefty $250.00, and rental price is $175.00 for a one-time showing. Unfortunately, unless it is available from some other source, such as the BBC, it shall remain largely inaccessible for home viewing by the general public.
    Respectfully, John Holder,
  • New Einstein Book!: Just recently, Princeton University Press has just published "The Quotable Einstein", a book of over 600 quotes on, by, or about Einstein. It's a bargain (only $16.95) and every single quote has the source cited (except for the "attibuted to Einstein" section). No more does one have to worry whether he said it, what he said exactly, or when he said it -- it's all in the book.
  • New Einstein auction at Christie's! The Einstein-Besso manuscript will be sold.
  • Please sign the Einstein CyberCard honoring his birthday, March 14th, 1879 at 11:30 AM in Ulm, Germany.

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